Top 5 Malaysian gaming YouTube channels


Although he exclusively uses Mandarin when he speaks, Laowu managed to garner a total of 1.1 million subscribers (as of March 2019). Plus, his other side channel called Laowu Live which consists of him streaming games he played has 137K followers! Super impressive.


When you think of OG's, Songsen is one of them. He started his gaming channel five years ago, and it was a big hit! With his sense of humour, he managed to grow his number of subscribers into the massive number it is now.


PUBG, one of the biggest survival-shooting games, gained a huge following when they released a mobile version. And Biu Biu became famous just by exclusively playing this game. Watch Biu Biu's gameplay of 31 kills solo.


Catering specifically for the BM-speaking crowd, Syafiq plays games such as GTA4 and COD while speaking in Bahasa Malaysia. Occasionally, you might see videos of him reviewing tech, which is nice if you prefer a change in video content.


A joker, entertainer, and gamer in one. Lunacy's audience loves his sense of humour when he plays games. Don't forget to take a few deep breaths before watching his videos, for you're definitely going to laugh non-stop.

There's another Malaysian gaming channel that was meant to be featured here called Karma Charger with 324k+ subscribers. However, this YouTuber has since quit YouTube in order to recover for their mental health. We wish Karma Charger all the best in healing and regaining happiness again.